While exploring other opportunities, the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) came into the scene when this was introduced by the DOST-CAR thru its Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC) in Ifugao.

With their partnership with DOST Ifugao, technical advice in terms of proper layout of equipment, proper workers quarter setup, packaging, and more were provided. The couple also attended DOST livelihood trainings such as peanut processing and others which has further boosted the production and competitiveness of the firm.

With firm’s first engagement with DOST’s SETUP, production has increased from 1,152 to 1,414 bags of flour per year, resulting to a 22.7% increase in sales or P3,456,000.00 to P4,242,000.00. The operation and management as well as business strategies improved with the interventions provided by the DOST-CAR’s MPEX Consultants.

Flour utilization further increased to 2,145 bags and sales of P7,739,000 during their second phase of SETUP assistance, which is translated to a sales growth of 123.93% prior to SETUP intervention. Confidently, and appreciating the big help of SETUP to their business, the firm is almost done in their second phase with SETUP. Opportunities now come in closer that business is expanding to other food processing investments outside the bakery business. Real properties are acquired for this other food venture.

They experienced the benefits of expanding their networking with suppliers, chefs and friends in similar businesses. Dedication and perseverance gave its real meaning to the success of the business.   Corporate social responsibility need not be emphasized since this was returned to the firm as blessings in other forms and that the assistance provided came from the heart. They also mentor new players in the business. One good thing to note is that some of their workers made it through college while working in the firm since the firm treated them as part of the family.

Among the blessings is the eventual acquisition of the building that was mortgaged to them. This further made a robust growth in the firm since improvements and renovations can now be done. The benefits of attending Food Expos, trade fairs and others was well appreciated as it made them more confident and had great impact in the production, operation and management of the firm. Outlets expanded to Lagawe and Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. Envy from among some competitors started to grow but this is part of business. On the contrary, it even helped them stay focused. Refund obligation for the first SETUP assistance was completed in 2016 and Uncle Dood’s Bakery is now a proud awardee of Ifugao’s Best SETUP Adoptor in the same year.//DOST-Ifugao