Here is how I chose mine. Upon graduation I was offered scholarships by different schools, the perks of being in the honour list. I even took scholarship exams for UP and Lyceum. Though I passed, I was not convinced enough so I went and enrolled in a university in Tuguegarao and even paid an advance for my boarding fee. However, two weeks before the opening of classes, I received news that I passed the DOST scholarship exam. This got me thinking twice of my choice of scholarship and university. I ended up enrolled in the nearest university, our very own Ifugao State University taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education majoring in Math. I guess I don’t want to miss out on our ‘togwak’ (banana stalk used as plate during big occasions) and ‘pahing’ (meat share). Looking back, I have no regrets because at that time, practicality overrides prestige and ambition.  

My journey of college life was made easier with the benefits of being a DOST scholar. It was year 2010. My stipend then of Php 4,000 a month made me independent. I bothered my parents less and I accounted for my own actions. I was confident because it was my money. I was also thrifty enough to buy my own cellphone and laptop. In every good thing comes a price. I had to keep my part of turning in the required grades which was not really difficult if you join the right flock. Since I ended up on the Dean’s list I was able to refund my tuition fee which means additional allowance. All in all, I experienced less pressure and more fun in this segment of my journey, thanks to my DOST-SEI scholarship.

The benefits didn’t stop after graduation. Having taken up BSED, a teaching item is automatically offered to me in the school year after passing the licensure exam. At present, I share this experience to my students whenever they complain that the mathematics lessons I teach are not really applicable in real life. Yes, I agree that not all x and y concepts are used in the market but mind you, every academic exam contains math questions including scholarship exams. And I ask them, would you like to get paid for simply going to school? You can just imagine their response. How I would love that my own children will also experience the benefits I had while studying.

So let me do what most networkers do which is to invite you. You won’t be selling products. You will be going to school while your scholarship takes care of your finances especially now that the monthly stipend increased. So do not hesitate to apply and take the DOST scholarship exam. Your testimony soon might be way better than mine. Cheers!

Testimony by: ESTHER BOBOD BUTIC- GUITOBON, BSED 2014 Cum Laude||Mungayang, Kiangan, Ifugao