a. Press releases (radio, print and TV) 

     b. Technology Fairs (national, regional and 


     c. Library Services


    DOST-CAR  has  a  small  library  that  serves as repository for scientific print and non-print materials.  Information  materials from  the  DOST councils and institutes  can  also   be  found  in  the  library. The  Provincial  S&T  Centers   have their   own  mini-libraries  to   serve  customers   in   the  provinces.  


In   addition, the  S&T  Academic   and   Research-Based  Openly-Operated  Kiosk  Stations  (STARBOOKS) were also provided  to  all provinces   where  users   can  have  access  to the latest  data and   information  contained  at  DOST  (SciNeT), Philippine eLib project sources, freely-available  online   resources,  and  subscribed databases.